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NAGUA – 1007-001

República Dominicana / María Trinidad Sánchez (provincia)

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This Land is situated in the north-east of the Dominican Republic, in the province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez, which is among the finest of the Republic. There are great parks and the typical Caribbean flair. This property borders from east to west directly to the Nature Park “Guaconejo”. It extends with its 1.9 million square meters and 7.9 kilometers border line of the valley of the “Arroyo Medio” exactly where the River through a gorge leaves the estate to the sea. The protective mountains form a natural boundary, and simultaneously make the site very secure. The valley is wide and opens to the west. There is still the natural resting and just 15 minutes by car from the nearest provincial town Nagua in with your shops and the local sandy beach. Through the property flows the River “Arroyo Medio”. He leads continuously fresh water. In Him lead further creeks, which have their origin in the higher altitudes. Access: The property has a very secure and manageable access. Management: The property is cultivated in a mixed culture. Riverside and between cultures still are large natural areas. It are growing: avocado, orange, coconut, bananas, coffee, cocoa, mango, passion fruit and more.

The nearest town Nagua has approximately 30,000 inhabitants and is the administrative center of the province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez. Here you will find schools, department stores, pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, provincial and municipal administration, gas stations and many other typical urban businesses. It is located on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. There are sandy beaches, hotels and restaurants right on the water.

  • Specialities

Permission to urbanization is present from the relevant provincial government. The construction with houses and villas is allowed.

  • Distances

Provinzhauptstadt Nagua: 18 km

Strand Nagua: 18 km

Internationaler Flughafen: 42 km

Santo Domingo: 159 km

Cabrera: 50 km

Las Terrenas: 64 km

  • Legal details

All our properties comply with the law “Registration of Real Estate” Ley No. 108-005, and the supplement Ley No. 51-2007. Therein will be determined clearly: The legal form of land registration, surveying and title deeds, as well as the land registration and registrations of ownership claims

Essential Information

Chiffre: 1007-001
$ 14 (USD)/m²
60–120 m above sea level
Possible usage:
Finca with agriculture use
Electric current:
an der Straße
agriculture and rice cultivation

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